Developed by enterprise systems integration specialist Intelligent Pathways, Eden Suite is a software solution for all of your carbon management needs including; data management, monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

Eden Suite is built on a powerful platform of data exchange that provides a robust mechanism for environmental data capture and validation. Data can be received electronically from your supply chain or entered manually, with emissions automatically converted into CO2-e.

Critical to the usability of a carbon management solution is the ability to construct your organisational profile. Eden Suite allows you to configure asset and organisational hierarchies against which your data will be captured and reported. The structure can be modified as legislative and organisation requirements evolve.

Eden Suite is accessible via the cloud, allowing ready access to multiple users. Alternatively, the system can be installed on your infrastructure if required. There are varying levels of support based on your needs and internal capability.

Intelligent Pathways’ systems integration expertise can be utilised to seamlessly integrate Eden Suite with your existing systems to drive further efficiency.