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Empower your team to improve your environmental performance.

Reducing carbon emissions requires change across many levels of your organisation. Eden Suite enables your team to be accountable for their environmental performance and take action to improve it.

Missing or incorrect data is highlighted to allow investigation and correction. Carbon intensive assets or activities are also quickly recognised. Eden Suite provides an information platform to facilitate better decision making and drive real change.

Data Quality

To get a complete and accurate view of your environmental data at a point in time, you sometimes need to makes decisions on the quality and quantity of data available. Eden Suite provides a range of tools to ensure this can be done consistently and in a timely manner.

Estimation is an important capability that allows you to create data for a specific period where data is missing or has not yet arrived. Consistent estimation methods can be used and the estimates are then replaced by actual data when it is received.

Eden Suite also enables data exception management, which places data that has failed business rules into a pending state for investigation. Importantly, Eden Suite can accommodate multiple data sources for particular assets or activities, and prioritises which source is to be used for calculation and reporting.

Set Objectives

With your environmental data under control, you will now want to focus on ensuring it is moving in the direction your organisation is planning for.

Eden Suite allows you to record your objectives against which you can monitor your carbon emissions. Further, you can register action plans for specific activities and track usage against the targeted results.


Simple reporting of absolute carbon emissions is important for compliance and high-level understanding, but it does not necessarily provide insight to facilitate change.

Benchmark indicators help identify best practice within your organisation, particularly when combined with the ability to group like assets or organisation types. Users can then communicate with their peers to gain understanding from the best performing areas of the organisation.

Having a consistent high quality data set available also facilitates the flow of information to external consultants, who can spend more time helping you with outcomes rather than data gathering and cleansing.

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