Streamlined data collection


You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Eden Suite is built around a unique data exchange network that streamlines the collection of environmental data from your supply chain.

Electronic data from your supplier list is pushed into the network for standardisation before being distributed into your GHG inventory for verification, analysis and reporting.

Where electronic data feeds are not practical, data can be manually uploaded or entered to the network. Data capture is simplified with
Eden Suite and the data accuracy required for effective carbon management is assured.

Data Exchange Network

Data collection across multiple sites and activities is difficult and time consuming.

Eden Suite’s data exchange network facilitates the flow of environmental data from all points of your supply chain. This robust ‘portal of information’ allows your data to be presented and used in a number of different ways to support the varying requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

Eden Suite’s data collection functionality minimises the time your users spend on data entry thereby allowing them more time to focus on analysis and carbon reduction strategies.

Data Verification

A robust and reliable audit trail is very important for compliance reporting and carbon management planning.

Eden Suite enables you to set business rules that activity data is tested against to ensure errors can be easily identified. Manage data variances by exception and take remedial action where appropriate. Eden Suite gives absolute peace of mind that your environmental data is correct.

Data Standardisation

Standardisation of environmental data is not only time consuming, it can be very error prone.

With Eden Suite, raw data is converted automatically into CO2-e by calculation methodologies that are applied consistently across your entire organisation.

Date sensitivity can also be applied to calculation methods to accommodate changing legislative requirements.

Eden Suite’s standardisation capability relieves the administrative burden of carbon data management.

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