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Provide meaningful insight to stakeholders

Beyond compliance, carbon tracking and reporting provide organisations the visibility required to plan a successful carbon management strategy.

With Eden Suite you are able track and report carbon emissions from an activity, asset or organisational level. And, by inputting normalising factors into the system you are able to benchmark and give meaningful feedback to stakeholders.

The transparency over environmental performance afforded by Eden Suite encourages support for reduction planning and ensures your organisation can meet reporting obligations with confidence.


Organisations require fast access to their data so they can make fast decisions.

Eden Suite enables you to track your carbon consumption as the information becomes available through your GHG Inventory. The powerful search capability also makes it easy for you to search for assets and get a full snapshot of all the key factors.

The immediate access to your environmental data that Eden Suite provides allows you to troubleshoot and plan reduction strategies more effectively.

Comparing and analysing data

Providing stakeholders with contextual information promotes understanding and drives change.

Eden Suite lets you analyse activities relative to the scale or structure of your asset portfolio by establishing normalising factors. You can group assets into like categories and assess activity results by comparing them to relevant time periods.

The in depth analysis and internal benchmarking that Eden Suite enables enhances the value carbon management provides your organisation.

Interactive reporting

Different stakeholders have different reporting requirements.

Eden Suiteā€™s flexible reporting capability allows users to select data to produce reports that accommodate varying stakeholder needs. By simplifying how data is presented, decisions about your carbon management strategy can be made quickly and with confidence.

Compliance reporting

Compliance reporting needs continue to grow with changing legislative requirements.

Eden Suite produces NGER compliant reports to enable streamlined entry to government systems. You are also able to produce full scope greenhouse gas reports relevant to your business. Take the stress out of carbon reporting with Eden Suite.

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