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Organisations come in all different shapes and sizes.

Eden Suite is an easy to use and highly flexible carbon management solution.

You can configure the system to reflect your organisation and asset structures, and adjust these as your organisation changes and requirements grow.

Allowing this flexibility whilst maintaining strong historical and auditable perspectives is critical for long-term utilisation of a carbon management solution.

Build out organisation and asset hierarchies

To ensure environmental data is relevant and useful it needs to be captured against an organisation’s structure.

Eden Suite lets you build out organisation and asset hierarchies according to your carbon reporting requirements. Multiple levels can be built into your organisational hierarchy and you can make asset hierarchies as detailed as needed to support analysis and cost recharging.

Activity management

As legislative and CSR obligations change and expand over time, the number of activities an organisation measures and calculation methods used will change.

Eden Suite allows you to create an activity list and assign industry standard or organisation specific conversion calculations. These activities can then be linked to different levels or types of assets for reliable reporting and efficient carbon management. And whilst Eden Suite may be known as a carbon system, its structural flexibility allows for much broader environmental data management including water, waste and other areas of environmental impact.

Data distribution

Data for environmental reporting is not always received at the level needed to gain insight and allocate responsibility.

Eden Suite enables the distribution of carbon data according to your internal policies or preferences. Reference data or business rules can be used to apportion activity data received by an asset to ‘child’ assets in a hierarchy. Equally you can aggregate data for an activity received by an asset to its parent asset.


Eden Suite is a truly scalable solution that can be used for site level carbon management right through to enterprise organisations with high volumes of interval data and multiple utility suppliers.

Tenancy management can be used to maintain hard operational boundaries within your organisation and date sensitivity can be applied to organisational hierarchies to enable appropriate historical reporting.

Equally, as your organisation expands its environmental management, Eden Suite can be scaled to be more than just a carbon system, with the ability to manage a broad range of environmental data inputs.

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