Carbon Credentials Bolstered!

This being my first blog for Intelligent Pathways, I thought I should introduce myself with a story about my experience with environmental reporting and carbon management systems.

I did two degrees at Monash University, Arts and Engineering, which sounds a bit strange and contradictory but it worked for me, giving me a bit of balance and extending my time at University – I thought if these are going to be the best years of my life, why only have 3 of them!

After finishing I found that most of the jobs on offer were with mining and oil companies which didn’t really excite me too much so I opted for a couple of years of hospitality and travel. I think it was in Mission Beach that I had the brainwave of seeing if I could make a career out of improving the environment. Back in 1998 there weren’t too many environmental jobs around, about the only one on offer was at a small environmental shop called Going Solar who sold and installed renewable energy and energy efficiency products. Unfortunately a chemical engineering degree wasn’t what they were looking for so after years at university it was a certificate IV in Renewable Energy Technologies that landed me my first job in my environmental career!!

After a few years at Going Solar I got a job at the other environmental employer at the time the Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria (now Sustainability Victoria) providing similar advice to businesses and the general public and working on their Environmental Management System (EMS). From there I moved to Victoria’s Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) where I worked on their EMS that covered over 100 sites and 5,000 staff.

My most recent job was also with the DSE and in a role that has the longest title of any job I’ve ever had – Whole of Victorian Government EMS Coordinator (it’s even longer if you spell out the EMS but blogs are supposed to be 450 words and I’m running low!). This was a fantastic job, working with a network of passionate environment managers across the Victorian Government, bringing them together to share solutions and ideas and to reduce duplication of effort.

This sharing of knowledge and reducing duplication is something I’m really passionate about and something I hope to achieve through this blog. I have learnt so much over my career and I want to help others improve their businesses with effective carbon management. I also want to get more discussion happening around topical sustainability issues such as carbon disclosure, carbon pricing and recycling. I will give you my take on these trends and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you hear of some good resources or are looking for some information, let me know and I’ll see if I can save you some time and effort by asking around. My hope is that this blog provides some insight and ideas that can make your job just that a little bit easier!

John Hutchinson is our Environmental Systems Consultant. John has worked within the carbon and environmental management for 15 years in a variety of roles including EMS Coordinator, Consultant, Trainer and Lecturer. John brings unparalleled expertise in coordinated environmental data management and reporting. View John's LinkedIn profile.

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