Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates is a carbon management and sustainability consultancy that helps organisations increase efficiencies, reduce costs and stay competitive in the carbon economy.

Pangolin's services include comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments, also known as carbon footprints, energy efficiency audits, carbon price risk management, and advice on carbon offsetting including the supply of carbon credits and Greenpower.

Pangolin Associates can support users of our Eden Suite carbon management software with tailored carbon consultancy and written reports.


Mandalay Technologies

Mandalay Technologies provide data capture and operational management in the waste, quarry and logistics industries. They have particular specialisation in providing solutions for Weighbridge, Waste Management, Landfill, Quarry and Logistics.

Working with Mandalay Technologies allows Intelligent Pathways to seamlessly extend our water and carbon management capability to include waste, particularly for those organisations that manage waste directly and need strong integration with their carbon system.


Sustainability Coach

Sustainability Coach works to achieve cultural change and enhance sustainability - personal, collective, financial and environmental. They use coaching style interventions to imbed new behaviours and sustainability initiatives.

Successfully introducing sustainability and carbon systems requires commitment from the top – Sustainability Coach works on getting the attitude right.